Offshore Dedicated Sourcing Specialist

    Profit By RPO provides you an Dedicated Sourcing Specialist, who supports your existing recruitment needs

    With 3+ years’ experience on CV sourcing and screening, resume processing, and more. Our sourcing specialist can greatly assist your existing recruitment operation by providing you an added advantage of professional help in analyzing the different positions and leveraging the existing resource pool to bring out excellent results.


    Offshore Dedicated Recruiter

    Profit By RPO provides highly qualified dedicated end to end recruiter, which comes with 4+ years of experience. With Offshore Recruitment Manager provided by RPO, your company can greatly benefit by acquiring a dedicated resource for all recruitment based operations. Our Recruitment Manager can closely analyze the open positions based on the business requirements and scrutinize the process of evaluation so as to bring in the best talent available which can fuel the growth of your organization. Extremely useful and beneficial for all medium sized to large corporate sectors, our Offshore Recruitment Manager can bridge the gap between acquiring quality manpower with optimal results.


    24/7 Sourcing

    Stay ahead of your competition even when you sleep.

    Profit by RPO provides resource 24×7, our resource will be responsible for sending your recruitment team qualified resumes of the candidate matching the profile first thing in the morning by working US night shifts putting you in high speed lane in the competition.

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    The federal government predicts that by 2020, nurse and physician retirements will contribute to a shortag

    of approximately 24,000 doctors and nearly 1 million nurses. Health industry leaders are faced with the challenge of orchestrating care in an increasingly complex and converging healthcare labor market, Profit By RPO

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