Client Testimonials

    • One of the very best IT recruitment teams.
    • Providing difficult-to-find resources
    • Always very thorough

    • High-quality solutions
    • A high level of motivation
    • A creative solution above and beyond

    Profit by RPO has provided exceptional staffing services for us over the years, helping us hire great candidates for a variety of roles.

    Morgan Duhamel

    We were having difficulties with our hiring but Profit by RPO's recruitment services has been a game-changer for hiring problems.

    Jay Miller

    Recruitment is more proactive, planned, strategic and lucrative in terms of candidate pool and selection. Sales management time spent on recruitment has been minimized due to streamlined processes.

    Collin Gelevert 

    Without fail, the candidates provided to us by Profit by RPO have been the most technically qualified and the best cultural fit of any recruitment service we’ve used. They have invested countless hours working with us in understanding our culture and needs. With this investment, they learned what we are all about and what type of candidates will succeed in our environment.

    Valerie Genco 

    Profit by RPO provides improved candidate selection, process efficiency and reduced cost.

    Kris Hixson 

    Profit By RPO recruiters are able to pre-screen using our High Performance Leadership Behaviours which result in a higher level of candidate. The recruiters are also closer to our business so that they can represent our company effectively to external candidates.

    Janelle Neumann 


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