Proper job search etiquette that every executive job seeker must have

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    Many interviewees are not aware that some organizations seek the opinions of recruiters on their hiring decision. However, it is important for every executive job seeker to have some basic etiquettes while interacting with the recruiters. After all, formal interview does not reveal the core skills for which you are being hired, but it is one of the most critical steps in the hiring process. Here are some job search etiquette that every executive job seeker should know:

    Respond promptly: Being responsive to a recruiter’s requests is very important if you want to get hired. Quick response is crucial while working with a recruiter, especially contingency recruiters. If you are hard to reach they will move on to someone else.

    Be professional and courteous: When a recruiter calls you while you are at work be professional. If it is not a good time to speak then request them to call at a scheduled time, which is mutually convenient.
    Value recruiter’s time: Never forget that recruitment professionals often work on numerous assignments simultaneously. So be mindful of the recruiter’s time when you make contact.

    Be Open Minded: Even if you are not a fit for an opportunity you are contacted about, you can recommend someone else.

    Don’t contact too many recruiters: While you are job seeking ,don’t contact too many recruiters at the same firm. They all have same internal candidate management system that allows them to see what contact you’ve had with other recruiters. It will affect your suitability as an employee.

    Let your recruiter know when you are working with another recruiter at the same time. Be clear about what you want and be honest with the recruiters you are working with. Keep the recruiter informed about other interviews you have and other companies you are applying to. If two contingency recruiters submit you as a candidate to the same firm, you may not be considered by the client company at all, even if you are a perfect match.